Cutting Tool Manufacturing and Regrinding

Our Quality

Prime motive to achieve customer satisfaction through quality of special/customized tools.

  • We have a well equipped and maintained quality room.
  • The accuracy of tools deals with dimensions which are measured using a zoller machine.
  • We can get magnified images and visualization of every tool.
  • Every newly manufactured tool is assured to be in the given tolerance.


  • TCT Manufacture and regrind cutting tools for all applications.
  • We design and manufacture tools as on request.
  • This includes end mills, ball nose,drills,step drills, reamers, and special tools for special applications.
  • TCT focuses mainly on special tools rather than standard tools.
  • We apply special geometries for end mills.
  • We have developed special tools for carbon block cutting, Special Reamers and brazed tools.
  • Reamers and Brazed tools

Our Capabilities

  • End Mills
  • Ball Nose And Micro Cutters
  • Drills And Step Drills
  • Reamers
  • Chamfer Cutters
  • Different Profile Cutters
  • Form Cutters And T Slots
  • Wood Roughing Cutters
  • Centre And Special Drills
  • Radius Cutters
  • Single Lip Cutters
  • Counter Boring Tools
  • ID Tools
  • Dove Tail Cutters
  • Special Pins
  • Pilot And Custom Drills
  • Flaring Tools
  • Spline Cutters


TCT Manufacture Different Varieties Of Cutting Tools And Special Tools.

  • Focus mainly on tool manufacturing.
  • We do tool regrinding as well.
  • Brazed tools and tipped tools are our special jobs
  • We design and build our own tools geometry for different applications on aluminium, steels, mild steel, Inconel, duplex, composite, wood etc.

Our Tool Manufacturing Include

  • End mills and taper end mills
  • Ball nose
  • Drill bits and step drills
  • Reamers and T slots
  • Special tools

Developed Our Own Tool Geometries For End Mills.

  • Special Geometry For All Applications.
  • Roughing And Finishing.
  • Can Be Machined On All Surfaces Including Aluminium, Hrc 30- Hrc-50,
  • Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Inconel, Composites, Plastics, Wood Etc.
  • Metastable Hard Coating For Chip Removal, Reduced Built Up Edge, Large Tool Life .
  • Different Varieties Of End Mills Include Short Series, Long Series, Taper End
  • Mills, Ball Noses, End Mills With Corner Radius, And With Single , Double ,2 And 4 Flutes Depending On Customer Requests.